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Thanks for the info Till.

I have edited the database by manually adding a forward alias. So i create an email account, and then add an alias for that email account and forward to that email address and all other email addresses i require forwarding to. It seems to work without a problem.

This is very useful if someone is away, they still get to keep the email in their mailbox, plus it is forwarded to anyone who might be covering for them.
I have been doing this for years with postfix and postfix-admin. The user has the ability to set this up within their webmail client.

How can i turn off the ACCOUNT EXISTS check when creating the FORWARD EMAIL. What php file do i need to edit ?

After reading what you pointed to using filter rules ( redirect 'info@example.tld'; keep; ) it can be done that way, but is more complicated and not as easy for a none-tech user to setup.

Could this be added as a feature in a future release, but maybe added as a tab similar to the vacation message ?

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