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Default RESOLVED - Debian Squeeze 6, ISPconfig, Vlogger Perl errors, Apache failing

Thank you Till for your solution above and to you and Falko for all of your work on the ISPconfig project and documentation!

We were able to resolve this problem by installing the Perl Date::Format module on Debian Squeeze.

apt-get install libtimedate-perl

I recently built multiple VPS running a new/clean install of Debian Squeeze 6.0 and ISPconfig My builds did not include the package. The installation guide I followed did not suggest installing the package since it likely assumed the package was already installed.

The apache2 processes would consume all available VPS memory and the VPS host would begin killing all new processes in the affected VPS. Restarting the apache2 service in the affected VPS would temporarily resolve the problem. The cause of the problem was obvious once we checked into it. The apache error log (/var/log/apache2/error.log) in the affected VPS contained hundreds of thousands of errors related to vlogger and the missing Perl module.

Originally Posted by till View Post
Ok, so the Date/Format perl module is missing on your server which is required by vloggaer and this causes apache to fail.

on debian and ubuntu the package is named libtimedate-perl and can be installed with:

apt-get install libtimedate-perl
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