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Default perfect I will create a new directory for every new theme

this is just the first and yeah you are right I will create a diferent directory for every theme I have this setup as default but i will change it the soones i am done with the first one

this is another screen shot for the second one, I will try to finish both in a few days

the last 3 screenshoots are for the black new style I am working too, I will realized these two by next week

I love dessign but I do have a job so be pattient , almost done, I almost forgot how to implement the login form to be these way, it was no hard its just that when I started this proyect a year ago I did it in a different way, the idea now its to make these themes compatible with new ispconfig versions so most of the dessign its made by css, and I am traying no to use images, just pure css, I like gray colors light and dark but any sugestions will be appreciated,
I am thinking to make a white and green conbination theme o may be red and white, I will try to make a least 5 different themes.
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