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Originally Posted by ItsDom View Post
1) I created a site, and extracted the cakephp files to the web folder for that site. Unless I chown root:root with the cakephp folder, I just get 404's when I try load any of the pages. Yet when it root is the owner, even with 777 permissions, the pages load but report that the tmp directory (cakephp's temp directory, /app/tmp) can't be written to.

This confuses me as according to the site setup in ISPConfig, the user is web2 and group is client0.
The PHP process is running as web2:client0, so the files/directories must be owned by that user/group.

Originally Posted by ItsDom View Post
2) Also, when I update the nginx directive field in the options through ISPconfig, it wont make any changes until I restart nginx - is this normal behaviour?
No, this is not normal. Something seems to be wrong with your setup.

Originally Posted by ItsDom View Post
but when I restart nginx, it chowns all the files in /web/ back to web2:client0, breaking the little bit of success I have with cake. Is this meant to happen? I'm guessing solving problem 1) would probably solve this problem also.
nginx isn't changing any permissions.

Which distribution do you use, and which tutorial (URL) did you use to set up the system? Are there any errors in your logs?
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