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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Please double-check that fail2ban is running (e.g. with
ps aux | grep fail2ban
). Maybe it stopped for some reason.
Confirm that it is running, and the log does update with debug messages, just see no sign of ban or unban taking place.

Originally Posted by cbj4074 View Post
I experienced what may be the same issue (and it began happening all of a sudden).

Excerpted from the fail2ban mailing list:

Upgrading to 0.8.8 solved the problem for me. It is entirely possible (and quite likely) that upgrading to 0.8.8 was somewhat of a "red herring". Perhaps the upgrade process simply reset something that was botched-up. Given that you are already on 0.8.8, I'm not sure what to tell you to try next. Have you gone to the fail2ban mailing list with this?
I haven't gone down the fail2ban mailing list route yet, wanted to see if anyone running more or less the same setup I am have experienced the same issue first.

Curious, what do you use for backend setting, it was set to 'auto' but I changed it to 'polling' and got no results

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