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Default SSL certificate

Hi all and a merry xmas

I have a ispconfig server called
I also have my company website on it called as client 1, now my problem is with a comodo instantssl certificate.

I have been having this issue since i installed ispconfig 3, 1 yr ago, but never got around to fix it properly.

I have deleted all files (backed up before) in /var/www/tlsystems/ssl/
I then logged in to the control panel (ISPCONFIG) went to website - - SSL tab. My original info was in the boxes - state, locality etc down to ssl domain. so i just clicked create certificate. a little time after i have 4 files.
a *.crt, *.csr, *.key and *
I logged on to instantssl and revoked my original cert and requested a new cert using the SSL request file which i emailed them. got it from /var/www/
I was then emailed back a zip fie containing 2 files a and website_co_uk.crt.
I backed up the old crt and filezilled them to ssl folder on server
I purchased the manual for ispconfig 3 and also read on the forums about changing the IPv4 address from * to the actual IP. I cannot, only have * in Pull down..

when i go to in internet explorer the certificate shows as localhost.localdomain, but viewed in firefox it is not supplying identity information.

so please can anyone help with correctly putting 1 ssl certificate right

cheers in advance

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