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Default Multiserver Install ISPConfig3

Pretty Sure This Has Been Covered Numerous Times
But To Many Post's With Mixed Ways Of Doing Things On The Multiserver Setup ISPConfig3 Getting Me Confused..

I Have ISPCONFIG 3 Setup On One Of My Servers..

Wish To Add Two More Servers.

Cant Get Server 2, Or Any Others To Show On The Main Panel.


Selected Expert For Server 2,

Main Server #1
named: - IP Example:

SERVER #2 IP Example:


installing on server 2,
Selected, expert

Upon Combining With Server #1

Keep getting..

Unable to connect to mysql server.

i can put the and nothing.
same prob with ip and pass. Will not connect.

but typing server 2 IP which is the system im adding.
it will connect no probs.

been @ it a while trying to get my other servers in one panel..

Def need some help on this.

is there something needed to add to server 1,
before trying to connect server 2 or adding the server 2.

if so
can someone please explain step by step with examples of what there entering.. would def help me out alot..

thanks in advance for any help on resolving my issue.
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