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Default disbale a local domain from sending emails


I am using ispconfig 3, latest version.

I have a domain (name changed)

Somehow this domain trying to send spam emails using local server using id

I disabled the domain in controlpanel, blacklisted the email id .. still it is able to access the postfix and add bunch of emails to mailq

2012-12-21T08:58:48.012716+05:18 linode postfix/smtpd[21202]: 030F922800C: client=unknown[]
2012-12-21T08:58:48.017287+05:18 linode postfix/cleanup[21506]: 030F922800C: message-id=<>
2012-12-21T08:58:48.017662+05:18 linode postfix/smtpd[20754]: 0440E22800E: client=unknown[]
2012-12-21T08:58:48.018802+05:18 linode postfix/qmgr[13424]: 030F922800C: from=<>, size=5744, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
2012-12-21T08:58:48.022308+05:18 linode postfix/cleanup[21440]: 0440E22800E: message-id=<>
2012-12-21T08:58:48.023032+05:18 linode postfix/qmgr[13424]: 0440E22800E: from=<>, size=5714, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
2012-12-21T08:58:48.027995+05:18 linode amavis[18855]: (18855-09-27) Passed BAD-HEADER, <> -> <>, Message-ID: <>, mail_id: CZVJF7YaJvMP, Hits: 2.017, size: 5268, queued_as: 030F922800C, 1336 ms

How can I fix this?

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