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Default Nagios with MRTG

Hi all,

Im using nagios and mrtg ... mrtg is installed and i can see the graphs on http://localhost/mrtg ... and on nagios in the switch.cfg file i have the following

define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit values from a template
host_name RouterCiscoT
service_description Port 1 Bandwidth Usage
check_command check_local_mrtgtraf!/var/www/mrtg/!AVG!1000000,1000000!5000000, 5000000!10
but check_local_mrtgtraf is for local machine (if im not ling my self) and if i used check_mrtgtraf im getting an error while restarting nagios /etc/init.d/nagios restart ... is there any solution for this ??/ what im doing wrong ???
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