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Hi, folks.
Thanks Till for solving this.
I just wanted to write a quick list of steps for users of Freedom Scientific's JAWS for Windows screen reader who may use ISPConfig3 in the future to help in having JAWS correctly read these important checkboxes, plus lable one mis-read control all in the add mailbox form.
It is assumed before starting out these instructions that the English interface of ISPConfig is what you'll be working with. Note that this is in no way a tutorial, and this is not to teach you how to use JAWS. You should be a fairly advanced user of JAWS and know all about the navigation quick keys available in JAWS before following these instructions.
You can find more information about Freedom Scientific products and download a 40 minute free JAWS demonstration copy by visiting
The following list of steps should be applicable to JAWS versions 6 through JAWS 14, and future.
Do note that if something should change drasticly to these controls in future ISPConfig 3 code, then you may need to re-do these steps in JAWS. I make no guarantee whatsoever of proper successful form control reading results if these steps are not followed exactly as outlined below.
  • If you haven't already done so, browse to your respective ISPConfig 3 interface and enter your username and password.
  • Now, bring up the list of links and press e to navigate to the email tab of the ISPConfig 3 interface, and press enter. JAWS will not say that a new page has loaded, but one has. You can now repeat the step to open the JAWS links list and navigate to email mailboxes. Once on that page, press enter.
  • Now, you need to press b while not in forms mode to navigate to the add mailbox button, and press enter.
  • Next, bring up the custom lable form dialog by either pressing JAWS key + control +tab, or by bringing up the list of JAWS managers and finding custom lable. Make sure you're sitting on the first edit box without pressing enter or arrowing around so that forms mode is accidentally activated. if using the English language JAWS will read the realName box as "Send Copy To." To correct this, type into the custom lable box RealName: and press enter.
  • Now, press x while still in the virtual cursor mode of JAWS to navigate to the first checkbox. JAWS by default should read this box as:
    "Disable IMAP Checkbox checked." To correct this, type into the custom lable box while this checkbox still has focus, Enable Receiving and press enter.
  • Continue pressing x for the next two checkboxes in the add mailbox form found in ISPConfig 3 and custom label these as Disable IMAP and Disable POP3 respectively.
JAWS should now, unless again, drastic sudden changes happen to these form control names, be able to read these lables correctly to any user using ISPConfig 3 with the JAWS for Windows screen reader. If you have any questions about how to do this process, or would like assistance off-forum in doing this with JAWS, or even an audio walkthrough composed demonstrating these steps in more detail, feel free to email me for assistance.

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