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Originally Posted by sjau View Post
I'm following this howto to install horde webmail, i'm installing the latest 5.0.2 though.

i have compared the install guide at horde website with this howto, it looks like the same. So i started like with these:

pear upgrade PEAR <== report nothing to upgrade
pear channel-discover
pear install horde/horde_role
pear run-scripts horde/horde_role <== entered my own custom path for horde when prompted.

pear install -a -B horde/webmail

webmail-install <=== ** This is the problem i have now, there is no "webmail-install" found on the server.

i tried "find / -name horde" and nothing found on the server, seems horde isn't installed at all...

Any thought??

Thank you.
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