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Hi, Till:
No problem, I haven't made any changes or anything, and any assistance is appreciated. Well, unless you count the following choice as a change, of course.
For security reasons I've gone ahead and set up a new admin account for myself, so no "admin" user exists.
However, you have a full admin account to do anything you wish with, and I've emailed you off-forum at the info mailbox at
Look specificly for the subject ispconfig login details.
I hope that helps, but other than choosing to do that account level change for security reasons, everything is still intact and nearly perfectly functional, if you don't count this quite odd email problem.
hear is the only other small update for you folks: just because I wanted to see, I did run a postfix check command at the shell to see if Postfix found any syntax errors, and apparently, that's not the issue either, seeing as I got the shell prompt right back afterwords.
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