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giup ban len cao na?
I'd appreciate it if you folks could please try to use English words where possible, as that didn't make any sense whatsoever.
I'm from the US, and Germanic language is not my strong point.
I would appreciate a translation from somebody as to what in the world giup ban len cao na is supposed to mean.
If it pertains to this thread, nice, though I don't get it whatsoever.
To the poster who wrote this,if you were trying to be helpful, that's all well and good, but I didn't understand one word you said.
The only word I do understand is ban.
All I'm doing is asking for help, I don't recall asking to be banned from the forums, at least LOL..that's the conclusion I'm having to draw from the confusing sentence you gave.
If anybody else thinks they can help, I'd appreciate seeing things typed in English in the future.
Please try to keep in mind that I don't have a clue what stuff like the above means, and that all you'll do is confuse me even more than I already am with this mail server issue should confusing sentences like the above continue in this thread.
I need English words that make sense, (that isn't meant to be an offense, of course).
Thanks for everybody's understanding and patients in helping me in any way you can.
Till, feel free to jump in any time you wish, or anybody else.
But please keep it to English sentences that I can understand.
I can't solve my unavailable mailbox problem or get my other questions answered with this odd stuff, folks.

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