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Hi, folks:
I'd like to add a bit more to this discussion in the event that a solution can be found.
Firstly however, if Till, or anybody at all did see my attachment in this thread, would you be so kind as to please confirm this one way or the other? I want to make sure, that all my logs that I did upload, are there, as well as, amungst others.
I haven't done any drastic modifications, however I wonder something whiled and maybe not related at all.
But Till, Falko, and others, is this possible?
What I'm wondering and guessing is this.
I did need to reinstall ISPConfig at one point when I broke something in the dbispconfig database during all my troubleshooting attempts.
It was while I was doing all this, that I discovered the existance of uninstall.php and found out what it did to the database that comes with each ISPConfig tarball release.
So, I ran that at one point, and though I was, able to successfully reinstall ISPConfig and everything other than Postfix receiving/sending anything at this point due to the unavailable mailbox/user unknown in virtual mailbox table errors does seem to be once again working quite well all things considered, I wonder if /var/vmail might have any odd permissions/group ownership etc problems now since that reinstall?
Is there any possibility, even the faintest, that the mailbox (wich does exist in mail_domain and mail_user I might add) as well as directories in /var/vmail/keithman, somehow not get created by ISPConfig3 itself due to a permissions error on disk?
Is there a special vmail user maybe?
Should I try:
chown -R vmail /var/vmail/?
Or something similar to this?
Or, will this not fix the problem?
I'm just happily looking forward to a solution, as I won't reinstall the server, as that's not the right course of action-I can log into MySQL just fine, PHPMyAdmin works, FTP works, in fact everything that ISPConfig was built to do save for Postfix seems to be quite functional, and that's why I hope we can find a great solution (and I've already removed from mydestination in if you folks got the attachment zip archive), at least, I think I did.
Also, mail_name though I didn't attach that either, has already there, and I don't see exactly if or even how that's the cause of the unavailable mailbox problems that Squirrelmail made clear to all of us earlier in the thread.
See above for the error in this thread.
Any solutions are appreciated as always, and thanks much!
I'm only concerned that some temp hack exists to fix whatevers going on. How can I be assured that whatever solution is found will work for any future automatic mailbox creation?
I'd be curious in how htat'll work, even in the event of say me whiping out all related mailboxes or the entire email account domain.
Also, while we're at it, does it matter in terms of mailbox availability/ccreation if email accounts is how you set upt he doamin, oor if you choose email then domain under that instead?
Just curious if that too, has anything even remotely to do with this email nightmair.

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