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Default Postfix refusing every incoming email with 'user unknown in virtual mailbox table'

Hi folks.
I've been bashing my head (at least virtually) into walls for over a week.
I've talked with Til off-forum, but finally decided it was worth posting here.
Paying for any ISPConfig remote support isn't possible, due to some money issues here that aren't neding to be discussed, even though Till did offer to remotely ssh into the system.
ISPConfig3 itself, is working fine. so, till I've reversed my first furious reaction, that being to blaim ISPConfig3 instantly as soon as I started experiencing this problem).
But receiving email on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server isn't working from anywhere on the Internet. Messages are simply permanently rejected despite the fact that valid mailboxes, do exist.
Even external telnet tests (you can try them yourself) fail.
I've attached all files including maybe some that aren't needed as I really don't have time to copy/paste code at the moment.
feel free to run intodns on or simply, as this server does host DNS services.
I don't allow anybody else to do DNS when I can do it myself, if at all possible.
But I don't think Bind9 is the cause of this automatic failure rejection stuff from all external domains.
I used The Perfect server ubuntu 12.04 LTS tutorial, but if any 64-bit stuff was mentioned I replaced that with what's needed for a 32-bit system.
Also, all services are configured to listen on
/etc/hosts have the following entries:
Code: localhost.localdomain localhost serverbox
Any assistance in how to make postfix work properly so that Dovecot can receive emails is appreciated.

At this point, I can send out, but not accept.

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