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Default Any news on the Plesk Imort tool?

Hi Marius,

I know this thead is old, but I did not find any news about your work on the Plesk import tool. If you have a few minutes spare time I would be glad if you could give me a short update on what the tool can do at the moment.
I have to admit that I will use it today, regardles of any issues, to move my Plesk Clients to Ispconfig! :-)
But I'd like to know if the database import works, for a start, and what I would have to do to make it work here.

Perhaps it is of some interest to you that I have developed a small tool that allows to sync the emails from Plesk to Ispconfig (basically to any other server, but this is not checked so far). It is based on imapsync, of course, which does most of the work. I thought about implementing this into ISPConfig, because I've been busy developing an OX-Connector lately ( and now am looking for a new project... ;-)

regards, Tom
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