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Default ispconfig allows SSL to be enabled on multiple sites with same IP

Currently with ispconfig v3.0.4.6 it is possible to configure more than one site assigned to the same IP with SSL enabled.

If there is a signed cert on one site and a self signed cert on another, the results appear to be inconsistent where the SSL data served is a strange hybrid between the two.

I wanted to mention this as imho, ispconfig should only allow SSL to be enabled on a given site if no other sites assigned to that IP have SSL enabled. Changing the IP of an SSL enabled site should also be restricted so that two sites with SSL enabled are not inadvertently assigned to the same IP.

This is particularly important where multiple users have access to various sites (but not all) on a given server, an accidental or unknowing change of IP by one user on an SSL enabled site can cause issues that are not immediately apparent.
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