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Default using ISPConfig as a local dev server

Hi all,

Well, I would like to use an ISPConfig installation as a local (LAN) web site dev server.

There is another server (running ISPConfig3) that is the real one with clients/websites all OK and running.

This local server would be a test server, to dev sites, test them and upload sites from this one to the real one once a site is OK.

LAN PCs (running Win7) are IP/DNS addressed from an ADSL router.

wan real server : domain.tld
wan test server : local.domain.tld
lan test server :

Real server has domains :

I would like the test server to have this ones :
Not especially accessibles from WAN, a LAN access would be enough.

I can edit the %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file on the develloper's PC to point to the ISPConfig3 test server, but I'm confused on how to setup the DNS zones on this test server.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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