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Question The Perfect SpamSnake - Ubuntu 12.04 - Nginx, uWSGI & Baruwa

Hey guys,

first of all I'm still "learning" and got stuck on this great howto. I did it a few years ago with Ubuntu 8.04 and the server still works well. Now I am trying to put a new version on a new server with Ubuntu 12.04.
Most of the 10.10-howto still works good but I am having problems with the installation of Nginx, uWSGI & Baruwa. The biggest problem ist that there are no Packages for 12.04 on I tried using the Ubuntu repository, but then folders like /etc/uwsgi/uwsgi-python2.6/ are missing because there is no uwsgi-python2.6 on 12.04.
I would even install more from the repository, but when I install Baruwa, it doesn't find Mailscanner, needs to install/replace it and crashes because it cannot remove the folders. When I even install Mailscanner (from the Baruwa repo) with Aptitude the folders completely differ from the howto.
Can anyone help me, especially with uWSGI? Or is it easy to use Apache, instead of nginx?

Thanks a lot & best regards
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