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So with anyone who hosts on a VPS they need to purchase an external IP for each domain that uses SSL?
Yes, thats part of the "standard" ssl specification, so its not specific to ispconfig. ISPCOnfig supports also SSL with SNI which is basically a shared ssl for namebased vhosts, but sni works only with latest web browsers, especially older Internet Exploerer versions cause problems. To prevent the above if you would use sbi would require to add a default ssl host similar to the default vhost for http.

As for the rewrite would have to be added to the default website? In ISPConfig?
It has to be added in the website which has ssl enabled.

What is the best practice here? Purchase separate IP's?
The easiest and cleanest solution wold be to purchase a separate IP address for the ssl site. But the other approach with the rewrite rules might work as well for you, I guess it mostly depends on the prices for IP addresses that you get charged.
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