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Default RKHunter issues.


So I have a Openvz setup as described here:

I had been up about 36 hours straight, probably not the best time to work on control panel lol

Anyway, I was checking the logs in ISPConfig master server when I saw that there was no RKhunter installed.

It said the following:

"RKHunter is not installed, so there is no log data"

Anyway I remember installing RKhunter in every perfect server tutorial since ISPConfig 2. So I panicked and installed it lol So it is in there generating log files but ISPConfig isn't seeing them.


1. Is there a reason why RKHunter should NOT be installed on the master openvz server?

2. If it shouldn't be installed is there any particular way I should go about removing it?

3. If it can be there then what can I do so ISPConfig reads it's logs?

I know this is a moot discussion since Till has 3.0.5 right around the corner for us a New Years gift and I'll have to redo everything anyway lol

But still thought I would ask lol

Thanks as always folks.

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