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Unhappy Upgrading failed, ispconfig broken and ispconfig won't upgrade again


MAJOR problems here. I tried to upgrade from 2.1.2 to 2.2.3 a couple of days ago but since the temp catalog had grown to 150 GB due to the backup bug in ispconfig the upgrade halted. It seems the upgrade script had time to do something though, since it no longer says "ispconfig upgrade" when starting the setup script. Now it wants to do a new installation of ispconfig.

My question is: Can I, in some way, install ispconfig but use the setup on my server as it is now? I guess the ispconfig database is intact and the ftp, web and email server is running as it should too. Or do I have to reinstall the entire server? Can I install ispconfig, tweak a few files manually and still connect to the old database?

Sure, maybe I should have checked the disk space before I upgraded but I couldn't imagine that maybe 9 gb would suddenly grow to almost 160 gb. Many hours of work is lost here so you really should include a disk space check in your scripts.
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