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Default vm templates

Hello everyone. My first post here, and i have been trolling this forum for the answer but i haven't found one yet, so if this is a redundant question, my apologies.

I have a multiserver setup using centos 6.3, and ispconfig 3 installed. 1 server has everything installed successfully except for vserver. Then i have my second server with openvz installed ( 2.6.32-042stab063.2 ) ..

Everything is working perfectly... With 1 exception.

So here is my vserver setup. I have 1 os template right now, 'centos-6-x86', and 2 vm templates (ie: copper and bronze).

When i add a new vm, and use the vm template for copper, it creates the vm, starts it, and everything is working perfectly. All the configuration values are correct in the vps itself. Now lets say i want to upgrade that vm, i would think that I would need to change the vm template from copper to bronze. Well, when i do this, it restarts the vm, but when the vm starts, the configuration of the vm is not changed... it still maintains the same values as the copper vm template.

Now, i can go under the vm in the ispconfig 3 control panel, and go to advanced and change the values there to match the bronze template and it will update/restart the vm and the values are correct after restart, but i would think changing the vm template should be enough to make this happen.. am i wrong?

Also, how come it has to restart the vm? using the vzctl command line, the memory/diskspace parameters can be changed while it's live without having to restart the vps. Any idea if this is going to be fixed/updated in future versions of ispconfig?

Thanks for all the help!
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