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Default remove a server from multisrver setup question


I am testing IspConfig on a multi servers setup since about 6 months and I am really really satisfied. Everything is working fine.

I have 4 servers on that testing setup: 2 DNS server, 1 master WEB + SQL server and 1 MAIL server. All OS are Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

I would like to know the best procedure to completely remove a server from this ISPConfig multi server setup, knowing that all the data (let's say mail accounts and messages) has been transfered on a separate system like Zimbra for exemple.

So without bothering about the data, what should I do to have a clean ISPConfig multiserver setup with no mail server at all configured on it?

Is there some pitfall somewhere or I just have to modify the DNS MX entries, delete the domains under the Email Tab, delete the Mail server from System -> Server services and remove the Mail server's IP from the /etc/hosts file?



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