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Default Debian Perfect Server Partitioning Question

About to use the Perfect Server for Debian How To to set up a nice server, however; I have a quick question before I go on. First, I don't like using a 'everything in one partition' schema because I feel it's not a very secure set-up, with this in mind, I was going to use the 'Guided Partitioning - Use Free Space' and was going to have it set it for /home, /var, etc etc. The problem with this is the Guided system wants to install the highest amount of space into the /home directory instead of /var (which would be better for an ISPConfig 3 set-up) so I need to change things around. After looking at how the Guided set-up calculates the partitions, a question came to mind. I have tried to look all over the internet for an answer to this, but nothing (I couldn't even find the source code for the partitioning either).

Anyways, the question I have is this. What are the percentages used within the coding for the above Guided set-up?
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