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Originally Posted by abdi View Post
Till while in the creation of a domain name via API, I do set the following:

'stats_password' => 'my_password',
'stats_type' => 'awstats',

Expecting that Stats will be enabled automatically. Unfortunately, they are NOT. I have again to login to control panel to enable them. Is this how it functions or something missing?

NB: The /var/www/clients/client30/web49/web/stats/.htpasswd_stats wouldn't be created through API not until enabled through ISPConfig Panel.
The api works like the interface and in the interface you can not set the password in the first step as well as its on a different tab, so the password for the stats is always set during a update of the vhost and not during initial creation. If you like to get this changed in future versions, feel free to make a feature request in the bugtracker.

Correct me if am wrong, otherwise noticed the following:

On the interface, under FTP accounts -> Options -> we are given "Uploadratio" and "Downloadratio" in MB. I think it should not be MB but in bytes.

I hit this snag when I couldnt download or upload anything above 100 bytes and yet I thought I had assigned 100MB upload / download ratio as indicated in Interface.
Please make a bugreport in the bugtracker and we will check that.
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