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Hello Till, thanks for your very quick response!

In my case, we prefer Cyrus because it scales better than either dovecot or courier do, and adheres more strictly to RFC's. But in the end, the reasons for choosing cyrus over dovecot/courier may vary per situation.

I understand the implications such a change would have on future testing/maintenance work, so I guess the big question is: is it worth the (large) effort? We can measure this by the number of people sending in feature requests for cyrus support. I did a search for "cyrus" in the feature request bugtracker, and I get only one result which has two votes, so it doesn't appear to be worth the effort

Regardless, we are still able to use cyrus with ISPConfig, but the issue we are having, is that we don't use mail filtering or autoresponders. However, these options cannot be turned off and are always visible to resellers/clients, which results in unnecessary load on our support desk because people get confused.

In light of the above, how would you feel about a patch which makes it possible to turn filtering and autoresponders on/off by using a checkbox per mailserver? We could set them to 'enabled' by default so the current behaviour is not broken. Then we could hide or show the options for filtering and autoresponders depending on these checkboxes.

Thanks again for your time,
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