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Default Using ISPConfig with Cyrus (or: Cyrus support in ISPConfig)


When using ISPConfig with Cyrus, auto responders and custom rules are not available. However, the options are still visible, which is confusing. I'd like to contribute a patch to resolve this issue, but I am unsure what would be the best solution. I am hoping to receive some feedback on this issue in this thread, so the patch can really contribute something worthwhile which is aligned with the software philosophy of the ISPConfig project.

At the moment I guess there are two possible roads to take:

1) Add checkboxes to enable/disable filters and auto responders per mailserver;

2) Add complete support for cyrus, making it possible to select the Cyrus mailserver as imapd. The aforementioned options can be hidden when Cyrus is selected.

As I'm unsure which path would be the best, and I'm not yet able to oversee the implications of such a change within the project, I'm hoping to receive some feedback from the developers/community so I can define the solution clearly and eventually contribute it.

Thanks for your time,

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