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ppl, how come i'm not getting any help here - have i asked an obvious nonsense question ive been reading and messing about with this issue for about a week now with no solution - would really appreciate some pointers even if they are to say that u need to do more homework cus the answer is too easy for this forum and we dont wish to answer?? or wrds to that effect , in case ppl can confirm my config files are correct and that they dont know why i get the issue that affirmation would aslo be good as i knwo not to then waste time looking into that section and can look elsewheer to resolve the issue.

basic problem.
have httpd.conf for multiple virtaual hosts which i think is correct form my reading .
have additonal ssl.conf not sure what that does cus i' defining my private key ect as part of virtual hosts ...

but without virtual hosts, it works (ie. apache starts ok) - in this case my httpd.conf has default server config no virtaul directive, ssl.conf is module done as include directive and probably creates a ssl virtual host and all that starts up fine i can go to https and stuff works but above changes to get 2 virtual hosts stops it from working and although done reading and tried alsorts of suggestion etc... can make it work.
any pointers will be helpful thanks.
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