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Default More security for FTP

Many sites are nowadays getting hacked after a trojan spied on the webmaster's passwords for ftp and sends them out to the bad guys.

So I have the following idea for feature requests:

- please provide a "deactivate" button on the ftp accounts list. the effect of the button would be the same as the current delete button, but ISPC would retain the settings and account name, so that the account could be reinstated with one click.

- please provide a "reactivate for duration X" function for FTP accounts.
For example, FTP accounts could be reactivated for 1, 2, 24 hours and then ISPC would automatically deactivate the account again.

- please provide the possibility to specify *PER FTP ACCOUNT* IP addresses and IP ranges that are allowed to access the FTP account.

This is something I would definitely use on my servers!
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