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Originally Posted by suy
woow, that was quick!!!
well, I try that.. Thanks!!!

Maybe another question about DNS.

The perfect setup inlcudes a dns server too.

I have a little network (1 linux (client), 1 linux (the perfect setup), and a winxp machine...

In the winxp machine, for dns, I have "obtain dns servers from isp".

"Problem": my webserver (plus dns) will not always be running.
But if it's running (and that's when I want to work on the websites), I think it would be good that that dns server would be searched too.
Otherwise I have to add the ip adresses in my hosts file in windows... and since there's a dns installed....

any idea's?
On your Windows box, under network settings, you can set two DNS servers, a preferred one and an alternative one. As the preferred one you can set your Linux system, and as the alternative one you can set one of your ISP's DNS servers. If your Linux box isn't running, your Windows system will ask the alternative DNS server.
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