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Thats implemented in ispconfig 3, just click on the "Login as client" Button in the client list to see all kind of records that the client has associated or use the domain module.
>>>> it is true, but this way of working is not good for me. With this way of working is good for providers who only offer web space and not to us who are also maintainer for domains (this is my way of seeing but also of my colleagues)

Thats wrong. A client is always linked to a website, see client selector in the site settings. It works the same way then in ispconfig 2. You can also further limit the domain to the client by using the domain module.
>>>> this question was related to that of the first.

This is intended as ispconfig 3 is a modular controlpanel for larger ISP's which do not nescessarily host website and dns together. A wizard will be implemented in the next release to make the creation of website + dns possible in one step.
>>>> I think it would be great to put a link on the page to create the domain that gives the possibility of creating the dns automatically, this would save time.

This function is implemented as part of the domain module, so if you want to use it, just activate it.
>>>> I installed version and this module can not find it

>>> Thank you
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