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thanks for the work and the staff to be programmers but ispconfig3
unfortunately it is not, at this time, suitable for my needs ....
Which problems do you have with ISPConfig 3? It has much more functions then version2, is installed at much more internet service providers already and is also capable of managing all your servers from one controlpanel.

there is someone who has changed the control panel? which panel has chosen?
ispconfig2 some other security bugs?
All users that I heard of switched to ISPConfig 3.

time between when ispconfig2 will no longer be updated?
ISPConfig 2 is already end of life for nearly 2 years, so there will be no updates released for it anymore. ISPConfig 2 works on Debian 6, but it will not work anymore on Debian 7 asthe apache 1.3which is used for the controlpanel on port 81 does not compile anymore on the latest glibc.
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