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Default Not a big deal!

Hi mmidgett,
it's really not a big deal, I can always SSH and read the Syslog directly.

Just had a look at the Monitor within the ISPConfig panel and it still looks alright.
I don't know how often Logrotate does create new logfiles?
Perhaps my system didn't get to that point yet or logrotate isn't involved as much?

On the other hand it seems to be weird that logrotate would break the link.
How does logrotate create new logs, hmmm. Think it stops logging, then renames the old logfiles, if older tar balls them, then creates a new logfile with the name given in /usr/local/ispconfig/server ( sorry just looked at it, this is varable (PHP) so it sits deeper).
I got lost!!! Just finding the relevant part of it is a challenge.

Cheers, and TNX,
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