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Thanks for answering.

Originally Posted by falko View Post
No. You must translate the .htaccess Apache directives to nginx and add them to the nginx Directives field on the Options of the website in ISPConfig.
Ok, but 3 more additional questions :

1. What about the "Subdomain for website" and "Alias for website" features (in the left menu, in the "Sites" tab)? They were basically using special apache2's directives.

2. What about the tab "Redirect" when editing a website (where we had the choice between the redirect flags, etc. ...)

3. If we can enter directives that will be put into Nginx configuration, how does ISPC protects from users that put incorrect directives? I have been using nginx since long now, and if you have, for instance, a syntax error in one of the vhosts (that are, then, included in the global config file) and you restart nginx, then it will just not start. If the user can enter any string as a nginx directive, then at the next nginx restart, the complete web server is down!
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