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Originally Posted by suy
1.I've put a website in the /web directory using an ftp program. But, I see there's also a user/web1_xxx/web directory? What's the purpose of it. How can I reach that???
That's the web directory of each user that you create under "User & Email", the user can put personal pages into it. You can then access them in the browser by typing either or

Originally Posted by suy
2.During install I added also an additional ipadress (virtual). Why is it useful?
That's just an example on how to add additional IP addresses to one network interface. It's not necessary that you do it.

Originally Posted by suy
3. I want to setup more websites, on the same webserver. How? I tried to use "new site" in ispconfig, but I don't know where to look for the place (web) where I can put the php-files in (or html,...)
That depends on which document root you specified during installation. E.g., if you specified /var/www, then the web sites will be under /var/www, e.g. /var/www/web1, /var/www/web2, ... The folder for http documents is then the web folder inside these directories.
If you create a user under "User & Email" and make him admin of the web site, you can use that user to upload files to the web folder by ftp.
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