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Any thoughts on turning on/up logging as to maybe get a better idea of where this is failing. In my train of thought, it's either failing at a postfix level where postfix is for some reason not understanding to look in the table properly (I've triple checked all the syntax there) or there is a failure in communication between postfix and mysql that is only taking place on forward/alias queries and not on regular virtual mailbox queries. That seems less likely, so I still feel that I have something setup incorrectly in postfix.


I dont' think it can be a MYSQL communcation issue because a postalias -q command returns the proper forward address.


after all of this, I think it's a problem with the outbound server.

I tried sending from other external accounts (gmail, etc) but the email never showed up to the forward address, turns out it was hiding in spam, through my one server on thunderbird it failed, as well as through webmail on that same account. Unfortunately that was the main account I used for testing, have to work backwards now and find out what the problem is with that other server and why it's causing a problem with the lookup.

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