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Originally Posted by till View Post
You mix up a few things here, the .htaccess works fine and overrides the settings in the global apache configuration on your server. A .htaccess file is a config file of the apache server and not a config file of the php binary, the php settings that you refer to like php_value or php_flag are settings for the apache module mod_php and not for the php-fcgi program. You can set values for php-fcgi in the php.ini field of the website, so its even easier then editing a .htaccess file manually, the syntax is the same that you find in the php.ini.
Ahh my mistake, I had an inkling that I was mistaken but I posted anyway. Thank you for correcting my error.

So basically you are saying that anything placed into the php.ini field on the website determines the settings irrespective of the server config in
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