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Originally Posted by till View Post
The htaccess settings in ispconfig are "AllowOverride All" for all .htaccess files inside a website, so you can use any config options that are allowed for .htaccess files inside the /web/ directory of the site. All settings are defined by site, so the global override settings do not matter as they dont get applied to files in a website. Owncloud shall work out of the box, I've testet it some time ago and did not had to do any modications on a server installed as described in the perfect setup guide.
Well I found that it installed fine via the script (assuming it would also by the download and extract method).

As for the .htaccess it doesn't take preference over the server. I set the settings in ownCloud and it DOES take effect (shown in /var/www/client/web/owncloud/.htaccess) but still uses server preferences listed in

which are for upload limits ...
Personally that works for me, but I could see that hosting providers would want to limit the upload to 5-25Mb. But in this case I wanted to have at least 150Mb upload.
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