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Smile ownCloud ISPConfig 3 (.htaccess)

G'day guys,

I have Debian 6 (Squeeze) VPS with ISPConfig 3 installed. I'm looking at hosting some audio files for my Church seeing that I have 160GB of transfer per month and the files are about 150MB each (about 1.5 hours long).

Anyway I tried Subsonic (way too many options and clickable hiccups for old people or low IT literate people) tried a few other options aswell until I found ownCloud which looks sleek, clean and easy to use/administer.

My issues are these:

Firstly on a test virtual server (Debian) I can get it to work great, but it complains about .htaccess - which I can remedy but then I need to change the whole Apache config to
AllowOverride All
however is this the recommended way? security issues? administrator concerns?

Secondly on my test virtual server (Debian 6 and ISPConfig 3 = I make a fake site ( and set the DNS to point to this server then on another test virtual machine (WinXP = I set my DNS Servers in the network config to point to and type in the fake site = and all things work.

Now I follow the same install procedure but instead of placing it in
i place it in
and run
chown -R web1:client0 owncloud
But it doesn't show up when I navigate to What am I missing? On my actual VPS I didn't ever make another .conf file for phpBB3 (Forum) or for my Wordpress (Blog) I just placed the folder via FTP and it worked.

I did check out the log for client0 and it showed this:

[Tue Oct 30 23:00:09 2012] [emerg] [client] (13)Permission denied: mod_fcgid: can't lock process table in pid 6392
Any help would be appreciated. I don't mind to make a tutorial up if things work but word of warning I am a noob

Cheers guys,
Steven Swarts
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