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Originally Posted by till View Post
We force a update of the user manually when usermod fails. I will check if this is not working correctly for cronjobs yet, I know that it works for ssh users.
Ok sounds good. As I wrote already I will try the 3.0.5 branch soon and continue monitoring the svn commit history. By the way: 3.0.5 looks really great especially the APS module. Looking forward to a beta/RC.

Originally Posted by till View Post
I'am aware that this has to be improved. I havent written the cronjob part and did not had the time to write it again yet.
I don't wanted to complain - I like this piece of software and really appreciate your work. I want to support your work and that's why I have a howtoforge subscription from time to time and place bug reports.
I would change the code on my own and publish the patches but currently I don't have the time...

Thank you for your quick responses and keep up the great work
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