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For cronjobs I don't know what's the expected behavior, I tried it with ISPConfig 3.0.5 from svn trunk:
The 3.0.5 release is developed in its own branch, so svn trunk does not contain the latest changes.

- If I change the "Max allowed cronjob types" in the admin panel for a user the users shell doesn't change
All settings that you do in the client limits affect only new items, not existing ones.

This can't be the final expected behavior.
Thats not intended as you can see in the php error message that there is coding error. 3.0.5 is alpha software for testing and might contain programming bugs like the one you noticed yet.

I don't even know why the user is logged in as he's not loggedin in a shell (uptime says 1 user logged in and thats root) and there is no process in process table with "web1"
The linux usermod defines a user as logged in when there is at least one process running under this uid. The problem is that usermod has no options to force a change. So basically this problems are all in usermod which rejects to do the cahnges in /etc/passwd and ispconfig has to work around these issues.

- (minor) What should happen if I add a executable cronjob /var/www/.../ as admin to a user which is only allowed to run URL cronjob? If that shouldn't be possible there should be an error message
Admins can always override limits of a client, thats intended and works like the root user on the Linux shell.
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