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Smile Need to change addresses - Existing multiserver installation

Hello, folks!

So, I have a ISPConfig3 multiserver setup here. I work for a small ISP and we host some websites here. We used to be reseller for a big company, but their prices were way too high, lately. So, about a year ago, I started my adventure through these ISPConfig-seas.

As far as I remember, I based my setup using the Debian Squeeze Multiserver and the Ubuntu 11.04 tutorials.

Our Network Management wants to get rid of an IP range, which belongs to our link provider, and not to us. Coincidently, our five webservers are there.

Well, I know how I can change the servers' IP's, but I really don't want to see everything falling apart.

How can I check and add/change the servers' linking?
I remember adding some permissions inside the database.

I'd be happy to have some tips here, and sorry for the tremendously awful english.

Thanks in advance
- Henry.

I forgot these little details:
OS: Ubuntu Server 11.04

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