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Default Postfix analysis

G'day guys,

I run ISPConfig 3 on a Debian VPS and I'm looking for a way to effectively increase my SPAM protection without getting false positives. Now I realize that its a fine line but surely there must be a way to have a WebGUI which is fed stats from a Cron job that records Postfix's SPAM handling.

This seems like a solution but hasn't been updated for a long time:

I'm hoping there is something to quickly and efficiently bring my attention (email everyday/week) that alerts me to SPAM etc. Then if my clients complain that they aren't getting emails from someone I can adjust postfix accordingly.

Anyway just thought I would ask your opinions.
All the best,
ISPConfig rocks and I'm hanging out for a stable release of ISPConfig 3.0.5

Steven Swarts
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