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Default setquota: Not setting block grace time on because softlimit is not exceeded

Hi guys,

I have discovered that some clients in my host have exceeded the limit set for the traffic but ISPConfig doesn't block them.

In the meanwhile I have seen in the system log this message:

setquota: Not setting block grace time on /dev/disk/by-uuid/5376739d-9145-48f8-bf8a-f583671aea20 because softlimit is not exceeded.

So I have tried to debug the cron php code and I have found an error in the traffic quota calculation. This is the snipped code that I have get from the cron_daily.php

Line: 434
$web_traffic = (int)$tmp['total_traffic_bytes']/1024/1024;

traffic_quota: 12000
total_traffic: 17228142008
web_traffic: 2047.9999990463

In this situation the user will be not Blocked by the server for the quota exceeded!

change it in:

$web_traffic = round($tmp['total_traffic_bytes']/1024/1024);

traffic_quota: 12000
total_traffic: 17218633650
web_traffic: 16421

this solve the problem.

Furthermore where have I to set the Traffic Quota Lock option in the administration panel?

[sys_groupid] => 136
[domain_id] => 3847
[domain] =>
[traffic_quota] => 12000
[traffic_quota_lock] => n

At the end I have discovered that if I disable a website ticking off the active option checkbox the websites don't go offline.


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