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Default Creating a new CSR when a certificate is already installed and in use

The ISPConfig 3 manual does not address this particular situation:

I have an SSL certificate that is already installed, and it has become necessary for me to renew that certificate. I need to install the new certificate without interruption to HTTPS service.

How is this done in ISPConfig 3? From what I can tell, if I choose "Create certificate" from the SSL Action menu, ISPConfig will indeed generate a new CSR, but it will also overwrite the existing certificate's key file, which will cause Apache to fail (because the key and the certificate will no longer match).

Historically, I've had to create the new CSR on the shell prompt and then copy everything into place, as described in the manual section, "5.4.1 How Do I Import An Existing SSL Certificate Into A Web Site That Was Created Later In ISPConfig?"

Am I missing something? Or is the manual route the only route at the moment?

Thanks for any help.
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