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Using the main administrator we have created a client under clients and a website which belongs to the client.

Later we created a reseller and want to assign the client and website under the reseller.

We followed
and assigned the website to the reseller. Then we should login with the reseller id and assign the website to the client.

We have followed the manual way of assigning a client created under the installation (main) user to a reseller we created later according to

When we login with the reseller id and we go to CLIENTS then we cannot see the client under clients. We can see the client when we edit the site but when we assign the the final client, the reseller has no more access the the website data.

Do we miss anything?
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You can do that in the database only.

1) Edit the record of the client in the client table and set the field "parent_client_id" to the client_id of the reseller.

2) Then edit the the login user of the reseller in the "sys_user" table and add the groupid of the client (see sys_group for the id, you can look it up by using the client_id column) in the "groups" field, separated by ",".
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