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Default Postfix - Rewrite Return Address


Our setup is as follows. We have an exchange server which forwards mail for particular domains to postfix for address rewriting. Postfix re-writes the sender domain address and forwards the mail down a private link. For example exchange sends mail to postfix with a sender address of postfix rewrites the sender address as and then forwards the mail.

I have a need to rewrite the return path\address of all mail received from a pspecific address while still re-writing the sender domain as explained above before being forwarded by postfix.

There are no local mailboxes on postfix. Postfix simple recieves mail re-writes the sender domain and forwards.

Having read other posts I believe this can be done by using a different submission interface in postfix - but I have no idea how to do this.

This is what I have seen on another site:

The right solution is to use a different submission interface, that
lets you set the envelope sender. For example:

echo "EHLO $(uname -n)"
echo "MAIL FROM:<com>"
echo "RCPT TO:<org>"
echo "DATA"
echo "From: <com>"
echo "To: <org>"
echo "Reply-To: <com>"
echo "Subject: the information you requested"
echo ""
perl -pe 's/^\./../' /some/path/to/msg-body
echo "."
echo "QUIT"
) | /usr/sbin/sendmail -bs

Where in postfix would I create a new submission interface and is the above information the correct way to change the return path?

Any and all help appreciated.

Many Thanks
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