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Default Best place to start with SAMBA

Greetings Everyone,
I have built a headless server which is running Arch Linux.
I have 6 Computers on the network.
2 are Linux (Arch)and 4 are Windows 7 (Different variants)
I have installed the SAMBA suite on the server.
The Server has 2 hard drives. 1 sda1 is 20 GB and holds the OS, the other; sdb1 is a 500GB drive formated to NTFS. I have a Printer attached via USB to this server but no keyboard, mouse, or monitor.
I perform all updates to the server via SSH.
I simply want all 6 computers in the house to be able to save files to that 500 GB HDD in the server and print from the printer attached to that server.
I am trying to find out where to start? There is hundreds of links via Google for SAMBA, my problem is, I don't know if I am reading step 6 of the process or step 26. There are hundreds of various smb.conf examples out there, all in which are different of course. I will read the fine manual, I just need one that where I know I am on page 1 of chapter 1.
If you could point me in the right direction or if you are knowledgable with SAMBA and would like to provide me guidance, I would be most appreciative, and most patient.

All the best and thank you up front for any and all responses.

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