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So looking through the forums and finding info about this error as it pertains to other problems is confusing me.. I don't really see how I messed things up so badly and I can't figure out for the life of me how to fix it. Did me messing up the dovecot-sql info screw up the table or did I change something else...

edit: Ok, so this is caused by me updating to the 3.0.5 alpha on a multi-server setup from what I can gather, and the best course of action is to add those unknown columns to the mail servers mysql mail_user table. Is that right? If so then how do I know what the correct table fields are?

edit my edit: YAY! SOLVED, so Till's response to someone else helped me
Originally Posted by till View Post
Here the alter table statement from svn trunk:

ALTER TABLE  `mail_user` ADD  `autoresponder_subject` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Out of office reply' AFTER  `autoresponder_end_date`;
and then I had the same problem with disabledoveadm but found it in the servers mysql table (had to pull out one of my books cus I don't really know sql... at all)

So THANK YOU Till and Falko! Love you guys!

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